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Brattygirl's Application

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  • In-game Name: Brattygirlsback (Main)
    • Alts - Chemiq, Jive, Miriella, Balack, Senzoba
  • Forum Name: Brattygirl
  • Other Names/Accounts you've gone by?:
  • Country/Timezone?: USA, EST (New York)
  • Do you have Discord and a microphone(Or able/willing to get it)?: Yes I have a discord. My Discord is Brattygirl#2790
  • Are you more PvP or Crafting focused?: Currently I am more crafting focused.
  • How long have you played Wurm?: I started wurm back on JKHome in 2007
  • Is there any reason why you want to join our PMK (The Crusaders/Rome) in particular?: I have a few friends who are currently apart of TC. From what they have told me and from what I have read about on the forums I believe the TC will give me the best experience I can possibly get on Chaos. That is my overall end goal. To get some experience to the pvp lifestyle of Wurm.
  • Do you have at least 70 in Fight skill/Medium Weapon(Longsword/Medmaul/Large Axe/ and Shield?)?: Yes to all except Shield
  • Have you been in any kingdom in the past(If so which?)?: Briefly I was apart of JK while the server was still Wild. Using a friends account I spent 2 months in Tyre
  • Can any current member vouch for your reputation?  If so whom?: Yes, Bloodscythe, Xallo, Hexd and Tryfaen can vouch for my reputation. Elwood would be the best person to speak to about my reputation. He has known me since 2008. 

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