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Rara's Application

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  • In-game Name: Rara
  • Forum Name: Ruger
  • Other Names/Accounts you've gone by?: Trenith, Ruger, Rosedragon 
  • Country/Timezone?: USA, MST
  • Do you have Discord and a microphone(Or able/willing to get it)?: Yep
  • Are you more PvP or Crafting focused?: PvP-Craft
  • How long have you played Wurm?: 8+ years
  • Is there any reason why you want to join our PMK (The Crusaders/Rome) in particular?: Hang out with the likes of Subie and Shaw. Returning to the game - freedom is boring rather get into the occasional fight and play with purpose. 
  • Do you have at least 70 in Fight skill/Medium Weapon(Longsword/Medmaul/Large Axe/ and Shield?)?: Yep
  • Have you been in any kingdom in the past(If so which?)?: Black Legion, JK
  • Can any current member vouch for your reputation?  If so whom?: I know Shaw and Subie are around but also know many other people who know me are part of the kingdom as well.

    However on the topic of reputation the Ruger reputation has a deep history (good and bad) both of which many know. Do I have a shadowy history in wurm? Yeah but I'd say it really is no different then even Rudie's (who I understand is also one the top brass of this kingdom). Wurm is a game if you get into the belly of it, into the politics and the market, you either play or get played. Friends of mine whom still play know if you were my friend of someone I considered a friend, I treated you with the utmost respect, took shirt off my back, and did well by you. If you werent a friend of mine, crossed me in any sorts, etc. well I would/could do just about anything I wanted to you and would if it gave me some gain of sorts. I entered into the market of wurm with Rudie and the looting of Sparta then into the Unique drama. Many people didn't agree with loot rules, but whatever they signed up for the fight - didnt like how I did loot - sucks to suck dont sign up nothing was ever hidden. On that note I can say nothing was never hidden from people, my intentions were always clear in any given situation. I did a lot of back door deals when it came to this game. To say I didn't enjoy it - would be a lie, I enjoyed every moment of the game till the end. After Black Legion and the Daolin drama, after I blew up the black light and got temp-banned because MR/JK tears, after the changes in the game, the game got tiring. I stepped away from Wurm 2 years ago? Maybe more? Whats different about me now though? I have no interest in the economy nor the politics of the game. Made a decision a couple years back if I couldnt do something honestly, I wouldnt do it. If I couldnt do something without hurting someone else, I wouldnt do it. Now Im simply looking to when I do play - which honestly aint that much, got 3 kids, work a government job traveling - I play with good company of people and play with a purpose (either advancing a kingdom through skill or combat). 

    I know their are many people within (and outside) this kingdom who have their load of shit to say about me. I know that their is great resistance to the point where this could probably be stamped as an instant denial, however I'd say we all were somebody at one point. Who we were doesnt define who we are. 

    My discord name is Kevin#3583 - anyone got questions or would like to discuss anything. Feel free to reach me there. If it involves the past, plenty of air Im sure people would like clear. I'd be happy to clear whatever needs cleared. Want truth to some stories that have been kept tucked for long time? Ask, Im sure I got the logs to them still too. :)
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