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  1. Rudie

    the mclovin thread

    THEY GOT A MACEDON WAGON!? By the order of Xsamuraizx, ruler of The Crusaders, slayer of infidels, first of his name, I hereby confiscate this wagon in the name of the king.
  2. Rudie

    the vasco thread

    That time when local niggers lockpicked into his supposedly secure safe mine to get the hammer of mag.
  3. Rudie

    the mclovin thread

    Mclovin is lord of the memes, slayer of horses, dropper of short bows and cloth barded backup user of the middle kingdom. He has no equal.
  4. Rudie

    the mclovin thread

    You guys are fucking pathetic can't even kill us in pvp you have to pve our horses srsly wtf.
  5. Rudie

    RS deadman mode

    Might be interested. Orlaz maybe too?