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  1. Ciray

    The Ciray Thread

    Forgot about this thread so lemme update it: That one time Scott and I Worldstar'd a little too hard and got walled in, resulting in me dropping Artis and Scott losing a champ life on Aramisii (we didn't drop drake or scale tho so fuck JKC!). That one time I forgot about stamina and died, dropping the hammer and all my gear to JKC (which was recovered, thankfully) Oh, and more recently, the time I didn't engage Foxfire, resulting in him slipping away with a guaranteed scale drop at 15%.
  2. Ciray

    The Ciray Thread

    That one time I fell asleep 5 minutes into a HoTA trap, resulting in us losing 2 Crusaders and a drake set.
  3. Ciray

    the vasco thread

    Did he take it with him to DD? If not then technically he no longer wields it and it's just collecting dust in the arti cave in Kyara. Edit: Actually, Stik never wielded it as it was immediately put in the arti cave in Kyara and never touched again (afaik).
  4. Ciray

    the mclovin thread

  5. Ciray

    the mclovin thread

    That time Mclovin logged off with the finger in his inventory and it got stuck in the roof of our house...
  6. After HoTA last night I made a trip up to Kyara and had a little fun:
  7. Ciray

    the mclovin thread

    1v1 me
  8. Ciray

    the mclovin thread

    Speaking of horses, I heard Mclovin equipped the charm after taming his HH one time and it untamed. GG lol