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    In-game Name: Kooladekiller Forum Name: Kooladekiller/lourous Other Names/Accounts you've gone by?: Boktai Country/Timezone?: Canada Eastern standard Do you have Discord and a microphone(Or able/willing to get it)?: Yes have it !! Are you more PvP or Crafting focused?: More crafting How long have you played Wurm?: Since 2013 but on and off Is there any reason why you want to join our PMK (The Crusaders/Rome) in particular?: Hoping its going to be a good community where we can depend and rely on one another - like to produce bulk goods for pvp and protection of our deed. Do you have at least 70 in Fight skill/Medium Weapon(Longsword/Medmaul/Large Axe/ and Shield?)?: No- not much of a fighter but looking to train Have you been in any kingdom in the past(If so which?)?: Was part of JK and BL on my other account Can any current member vouch for your reputation? If so whom?: Many but most recently kriswald