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    In-game Name: Orthanas Forum Name: Raix Other Names/Accounts you've gone by?: Raix, Bear (in Rome, no longer own the account) Country/Timezone?: USA/EST Do you have Discord and a microphone(Or able/willing to get it)?: Yes & Yes, Rai#7946 Are you more PvP or Crafting focused?: PvP, but willing to do crafting / work. How long have you played Wurm?: On and off for ~3-4 years, but started on JKH (epic) back in the summer of 2013? Didn't play much until I joined Rome in early 2015. Is there any reason why you want to join our PMK (The Crusaders/Rome) in particular?: Looking for a group of individuals I'm familiar with where I can skill on freedom and eventually work towards PvP. Do you have at least 70 in Fight skill/Medium Weapon(Longsword/Medmaul/Large Axe/ and Shield?)?: Yes, but want to get these higher. Have you been in any kingdom in the past(If so which?)?: Roman Republic (epic), MR (freedom, I wasn't active, still in their discord), Legion of Anubis (yikes). Not currently in any of them. Can any current member vouch for your reputation? If so whom?: Egard and whoever else is active from Rome circa 2015-2016. Rihanna, Bix, Drastox, Zeke??, Orlaz?? TBH not sure who all is here. I think they like me. Who knows. 🤔