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  1. Mclovin

    the mclovin thread

    why you think im on chaos
  2. Mclovin

    the mclovin thread

    Remember when Mclovin found the red dragon hatclin. House of Paalweelr has provided yet again.
  3. Mclovin

    the mclovin thread

    remember that time i 1 vs 4 and got drake because Egard wasn't gonna let me down like he did @Darklords
  4. Mclovin

    The Case of the missing PunPun

    leave the mortar in a bsb or crates in your mine, building at dadds halted for now so there was never a rush but I will need it.
  5. Mclovin

    The Ciray Thread

  6. Mclovin

    the mclovin thread

    make your own fuck up thread
  7. Mclovin

    Star Citizen Dev Highlights

    Too big to flop, if they released what they got now, would be a great game.
  8. Mclovin

    Star Citizen Dev Highlights

    The lighting effects, in game.
  9. Will post cool videos here as I spot them through out the Around the verse series. First video; Realistic voice simulation in the game, sounds epic
  10. Mclovin

    The Case of the missing PunPun

    we all go through it, np, don't stress yourself!
  11. Mclovin

    the mclovin thread

  12. Mclovin

    the mclovin thread

    I saw it at Nothing To Sea here on the outter trench, so we busted in and pushed it out lool
  13. Mclovin

    the mclovin thread

    Rasu the macrfon wagon we got from ebo, you and Nic can decide between you what's happening, I don't have much interest in it but you did so idm of you take
  14. Mclovin

    the mclovin thread

    remember that time i got cucked out of a champ slot.
  15. Mclovin

    the mclovin thread

    Sklo, you have tools now right or did I fuck up again