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    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RQzrmgdTzomlbfikGclSe5golfj2dqH7SuT58TPirug/edit?usp=sharing The Concile of Ascalon ordered the scriptoria and scientific and theological institutes of the Holy States of The Crusaders to gather all the scriptures and writings. The purpose of this noble act was to filter out the unholy and spread the holy word through all means. The history and the holy influences inspiring the blessed Crusaders shall be known up to eternity. So that noboby can question the holy and blessed reasons of The Crusaders. Only they can enlight you and set you free. However only a pure Crusader can read this Holy Testimony, only the Crusader can understand and explain these holy messages to the plebs, barbaros and weleoz. Editor and censor: Cigay.
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    Haubudstukija Thrijo: So Boks Sigajanis. The Book of Cigay teaches us why it is better to give yourself to a man's pleasure than seeking pleasure between a woman's legs. The chapter is a composition of various scriptures teaching us this lesson across time. The scrolls were found all over Chaos with different civiliations, indicating the godly significance of their content. Daila I: Alwis. Once, when Thunder was on a journey, his daughter Trude stayed at home. There then Alwis came, asking for her hand. And so the gods granted the favour. There then, when Thunder came home Alwis went on the quest for his bride. The house decorated with grass and moss. So Trude would lie comfortable. There then, when arriving, Thunder asked "Who are you that you are as pale as corpses? I sense giantness in you, you are not born for that bride." There then Alwis was taken by surprise. Did they realy defy the granting of the gods? "Alwis, I am, please, grant me to fuck your snow beauty daugther as I travelled all worlds towards here." There then Thunder said "Fine, you can win her if you are able to tell me what I want to know from each world. How is earth called in these worlds?" There then, Alwis replied "Earth, green and road. Dirt, begrown and loam." There then, Thunder asked "What about the heaven?" There then, Alwis replied "Sky, fence and weaver. Height, roof and dripper." There then, many more questions were asked and Alwis was happy. Forseeing to take home his bride, as he keeps answerring correctly all questions. But Alwis was not as wise as his name declared. There then Thunder kept asking, Alwis kept answering. There then, the first sun beam of the new day hit through the window. And Thunder laughs, while Alwis turns into stone. "Oh wise dwarf, you may know so much, but my daughter cannot marry a piece of rock." Daila II: From Ciray to Cigay. The Burning Skaipiz. That day, full with Sol, the Dragon Milf came on to him. And there he was, overwhelmed by her bloating powers. Stuck with his shaft in her skaipiz, screaming from the burning pain. That day, he had enough. "Genau so, niemals wieder". With the spear point attachted to his goedendag he went in. That day, the skies were filled with blasting screams as the Dragon Milf got pierced in the skaipiz by the now glowing from heat spear point. Blood squirting all around. The Questioning. That next day, Analice gets targeted by Ciray. But the boy gets lucky, the skaipiz never comes close. That next day, the Mclovin walks by. "Ech wirde tieser Länne retten!" "Mädchen sind faul, sind Männer toller?" And a tent is placed. This other day, the red smoke descends on Jenn-Kellon. Disfortune strikes. The traitors of the Crusade seccede. The skies darken. For nine days and eleven nights it does not stop lightning without raine. This other day, the Ciray notes, the desire to feel this handsome manlike are mine. There is that handsome Dadd. This other day, the Ciray dreams. Dreams of desire. Of holes of past stars. Of diameters and longitudes. Insertions and trusts. When I pull, is that lube that gets secrated? And the Dadd teaches the son. "Dis isse nachgerichte, miner Sunne." "Ja! Ich bin Homosexuell! Wurst ist mien Lieblingsspeise!" That next day, the Necroe Posse bangs on the front door. "Ouvre la porte, maintenant, sal Cigay!" The Oppression. That next day, the Ciray is arrested. That next day, the straight torch is applied. Straight in the star, glowing and smoking. That next day, a kwakkie flies straight from Cigay towards the Necroeface. And he gags, he pukes. Day beyond day, week beyond week, year beyond year, the torture goes on and on. But the Cigay strikes back during the night. And that morning, the Necroe wakes up with the hiney sores and worms. There on the day of the wistling wind, the Cigay escapes to Freedom. Still in pursuit for the Dilf. Helped by the Xallo. The Relief. Many partners did the Cigay do. Mclovin, Scott, Tuanta,... . Yet, not always so gay, as there the change to bang Analice turns up. In full panick she freezes when Scott approaches the skaipiz while the Cigay approaches the star. And the Sol starts to shine brightfull. Temperatures increase upon the level of melting stones. And released they were. In the end, the Cigay is known as the pink knight. It is known throughout the universe, no star is safe when the Cigay hunts. However, the Cigay is still not safe. Hunter and huntee at the same blessed time. There, the Shweet, still hunts the Cigay. Deep into the woods and catacombs. The Dragon Milf nightmare never fades away. The nightmare screams still haunt through the halls of Chaos. There the beating cannot end. Only the acceptance of the twig shall set the man free. True men hang out with men. "Weibe sind faul." Every morning, another Crusader guy feels a bit sour down south.