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    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RQzrmgdTzomlbfikGclSe5golfj2dqH7SuT58TPirug/edit?usp=sharing The Concile of Ascalon ordered the scriptoria and scientific and theological institutes of the Holy States of The Crusaders to gather all the scriptures and writings. The purpose of this noble act was to filter out the unholy and spread the holy word through all means. The history and the holy influences inspiring the blessed Crusaders shall be known up to eternity. So that noboby can question the holy and blessed reasons of The Crusaders. Only they can enlight you and set you free. However only a pure Crusader can read this Holy Testimony, only the Crusader can understand and explain these holy messages to the plebs, barbaros and weleoz. Editor and censor: Cigay.